Through my blog I have come to develop a love and passion for not just food photography but photography in general. I love snapping pictures of wherever I am or of whomever I am around. Seeing the world through a lens has changed my perspective of seeing things. An autumn day can be a magical play of colours and make for the best backdrop for portraits or family photographs. A dish is not just a tasty concoction anymore but a variety of textures and colours on a plate. I love experimenting with lights and angles to see what brings out the best of what I’m photographing.

img_5210To me pictures are so much than just a moment frozen in time, but a picture can create emotions, transport you back to a special place or in regards to food, it can create an appetite for a tasty dish.

I am available in and around Melbourne for food photography at cafes and restaurants to showcase your best dishes to your customers through your social media channels as well as for portrait or family photography, especially leading up to Christmas now.
Contact me for further information, pictures and prices. I would love to help you show of your best side or tastiest dish.