A25 – Pizza is Sexy

I was very excited when I heard A25 Pizzeria was opening in South Yarra. I love the pizza at +39 in the city which has been previously owned by the same guy. And his brother owns D.O.C. Pizza, which I love going to!

Last Friday L surprised me and picked me up from work. Instead of going home to cook, which had been our plan, we decided to seize the opportunity and head around the corner to A25. 

We got a table outside in the sun and were attended too quickly. I knew that L would want to try one of the ‘crazy’ pizzas, there’s a whole section dedicated to them on the menu!He picked the Frankfurt, a pizza with a tomato base topped with frankfurters, chips, cheese and ketchup. I went slightly more traditional and chose the Bunga Bunga pizza. The little note beneath it informing me this pizza had won the Best Pizza Award 2013 and their siter pizzeria NSP had me intrigued. The Bunga Bunga is topped with fior di latte, tomato, berkshire sausage, porcini mushrooms and parmesan cheese.

To drink I really wanted to try the Blood Orange Granita, which looked very impressive and tasted divine. Perfect for a warm evening! 
A25 was starting to fill up quickly with people sitting in- and outside. but despite it being busy our pizzas came out fairly quickly.

L’s pizza certainly looked different but tasted amazing. I loved the tiny little crispy chips and surprisingly the combination of it all worked really well! 

My Bunga Bunga pizza didn’t disappoint either. I’m not a fan of overladen pizzas but prefer a few good quality ingredients instead. The sausage and porcini mushrooms were delicious together!

For dessert we shared a Blueberry & Rosewater Pannacotta with Persian Fairy Floss. I had to convince L a little bit as he was worried the rosewater might be too overpowering. But it was just a very subtle note. The pannacotta was super silky and tasty! 

I loved this new addition to South Yarra and will definitely return again and again. The inside of the pizzeria looks cool and trendy with a big neon sign exclaiming Pizza Is Sexy, I completely agree! 

A25 Pizzeria

720 Chapel St 

South Yarra, VIC 3141
03 98262233

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