Welcome to Berlin – Currywurst from Curry Mitte

It’s no secret, that we only just recently traveled to Germany to spend Christmas with my family. And we loved it! While we were there we also went to Leipzig, Berlin, Lübeck and Hamburg. I love Berlin, used to live there and two of my sisters still do.

After a long and rainy day of sightseeing on New Years Eve we decided to have a late lunch Berlin style. If you ask my brother this would have to be a Döner Kebab, but we opted for the other Berlin classic: The Currywurst. Germans are known for their love of sausages and even though I don’t eat sausages a lot I have to say I sometimes miss German sausages here in Australia.

You can find Currywurst trucks or little ‘snackbars’ everywhere in Berlin. We were near Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte so decided we might just go to “Curry Mitte”. 

We both ordered a “Currywurst mit Pommes” (currywurst with chips). It was pretty busy in that little place, but it didn’t take long and out came our food. They were big serves, with chopped up sausage, drenched in curry tomato sauce and curry powder and chips on the side with tomato sauce and mayo. I couldn’t finish mine, but it was perfect junk food for a rainy afternoon where the streets were full of snow-turned-slush.

L absolutely loved it. So much that I had to promise him later that I would make him currywurst at home.
If you ever make it to Berlin, have a currwurst and get it with tomato sauce and mayo! 

Curry Mitte

Torstr. 122
10119 Berlin


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