Breakfast on Hamilton Island – Manta Ray

I have just come back from four amazing days on Hamilton Island. It was very hard to get back on the plane to head home. This long weekend was all about spending time with L’s family to celebrate his father’s birthday. We also explored the island, the beaches and the food it had to offer.

One morning L and I went out in the search for a café to have breakfast at. Driving along the waterfront Manta Ray seemed like a great choice. 

We were seated at one of the many tables on the balcony overlooking the harbour. I found it extremely hard to even look at the menu, I was so mesmerized looking at the fish. L chose the organic yoghurt with a muesli jar, fresh berries and pouring honey. I decided on the buckwheat vanilla pancakes with blueberries, mascarpone and candied macadamia. 

While we were waiting for our food we enjoyed the amazing views and sipped on our iced espressos.
The food came out and looked amazing. My pancakes were light and fluffy and delicious. I loved the candied macadamias that were sprinkled on top.

L’s yoghurt, muesli and berries looked really good too, the perfect start to a hot day. The muesli was a mix of puffed and toasted cereal and tasted delicious with the yoghurt and honey.

The service was very attentive and I would love to come back again, just a shame Hamilton Island is not at my doorstep.

Manta Ray

Front St
Hamilton Island QLD 4803
(07) 4946 8213
Open 7 days: 7am – 10pm  

Manta Ray on Urbanspoon


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