Festival of Chocolate in Sydney

When we heard there was a Festival of Chocolate on at The Rocks when we were in Sydney of course we had to go.

The list of exhibitors looked pretty promising, lots of French patisserie places, obviously different chocolate stalls, some ice cream ones in between and even some savoury ones like a German sausage stall.
The weather was great so lots of people were out and about, but you could still move about the stalls. 
We started off with a serve of Honey Puffs from Honey Puff Queen. They were freshly made in front of us, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. They were crunchy and sweet and yummy.
Next up where some pastries from La Maison De Leclair. A mini eclair with fresh fruit and also a danish with cherries. I really loved the little danish! 
When we walked past Pasticceria Caruso I simply had to stop, their cannoli just looked to good to not have one. I decided on a chocolate cannoli which I of course shared with Mr L. 
I had been keeping my eyes open for Gelato Messina as I saw they were listed as an exhibitor but I couldn’t find them. Until we realised there was actually another part to the festival further towards Circular Quai. And there was the line of people waiting for their serve of Gelato Messina. They had created some special flavours for the festival, I chose White Chocolate & Hazelnut and also Chocolate Tiramisu. Unfortunately they were having some issues with their cooling so the gelato wasn’t as frozen as it should have been. 
The gelato was nice, but I was a little underwhelmed, I think I have to go to the proper gelateria to see all the flavours and make a decision then.
The Festival of Chocolate was great, definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. After having filled up on sweets we all craved something more savoury and went to The Glenmore Hotel for a quick lunch in the sun on their rooftop.
I hope the Festival of Chocolate returns next year, it really was a great way to sample from different cafes and producers.

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