Meatball & Wine Bar

Two weekends ago, when my bestie from Tassie was in town I had promised her we’d go an an epic food journey and I think I delivered.

After a lunch on Friday at Master Roll Vietnam in South Yarra, followed by dessert at Adriano Zumbo, we arranged to meet with Mr. L in the city for a dinner straight after work. After a drink we headed over to Meatball & Wine Bar on Flinders Lane, we got a table straight away and were seated at one of the communal tables. 

Roasted Chicken Sliders
Roasted Chicken Sliders

We didn’t plan to have a big night, just a simple dinner, a few drinks and an not too late as more foodie adventures were awaiting the next morning.

So, to start off we ordered a bottle of red and the smoked mozzarella which was amazing, I do love the smoky taste of it and try to get it anywhere I can. The mozzarella was followed by Roast Chicken Sliders. Cute little morsels of goodness. We probably didn’t need them but it just sounded so tempting and as far as I can remember the roast chicken ones were a special too.

 Smoked mozzarella
Smoked mozzarella

The menu at Meatball & Wine Bar is pretty simple: 1) You chose your kind of “Balls” 2) then you chose the sauce you want with it and 3) the bed you want your balls to sit on.

Miss S chose the Chicken balls with pistachios, muscatels and parmesan, sitting on a bed of creamy polenta and smothered in creamy white sauce. (Unfortunately it was very dark at M&W Bar and it didn’t help that the dish was pretty much just a light colour, so no photo supplied. But it was delicious!)
Roasted Chicken Sliders
Roasted Chicken Sliders

Mr L went for the special; pork & veal balls on roasted parsnip and baby carrots with veal jus. Proably the healthiest out of the three of us, but still full of flavour!

Special: Pork & Veal Balls on roasted parsnip & baby carrots with veal jus
Special: Pork & Veal Balls on roasted parsnip & baby carrots with veal jus

I myself ordered the pork, fennel, sage and orange balls on super MB potato smash with green sauce. Delicious! I have to admit that I pretty much always order the pork ones when I go to Meatball & Wine Bar. The whole dish was great, certainly not a fine dining experience but more like a home cooked meal you would expect from a nonna in Italy. 

Pork & Fennel Balls on Mashed Potato with Green Sauce

We really wanted to order dessert too but just couldn’t fit it in, however the desserts we saw coming out from the kitchen looked awesome. 

I love Meatball & Wine Bar and have been a fair few times and will certainly go more often. It’s easy and relaxed food and the dimly lit room with red brick walls and dark wooden furniture lets you sit back and enjoy your meal with a glass of red. 

Meatball & Wine Bar
135 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Mon-Fri: 8:00am-1:00am
Sat-Sun: 11:00am-1:00am

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