Giddiup – Starting the day with a great breakfast

I’ve had take-away coffee and the occasional croissant or pear and walnut bread from Giddiup before but last Sunday we decided we wanted to try it properly. 

We scored a table outside in the sun and were quickly attended to by one of their friendly staff. We ordered our coffees and started perusing the menu. It was a menu of tough decisions, a few things caught my eye and being Miss Indecisive it took me a while to make up my mind, in the end I went for the buttered mushrooms and asparagus with chèvre. Mr L decided on the avocado and chèvre on toast with a poached egg.

When our food came out we both couldn’t stop oohing and aahing at how good it was. Yes, when you looked at the menu the dishes sounded quite standard but they were one of the best brunch dishes we’ve ever had in Melbourne. Even hours later I kept saying to Mr L that we should go back for seconds, it was absolutely delicious!
My mushrooms came out in a big bowl, swimming in some delicious buttery juices and herbs, two poached eggs on top, the asparagus cooked to perfection, super fresh and had a good bite to it, the chèvre rounded up everything nicely and the beetroot leaves made the whole thing look and taste a little bit healthier. It also came with two pieces of really good toasted sourdough and butter. I mainly used the bread to mop up all the juices that were left in the bowl at the end.
Mr L’s Avo Smash was a generous serving of avocado on two slices of sourdough bread and a poached egg. He couldn’t say why but apparently it was one of the best avo smashs he has ever had, probably even THE best.
We’ve already made plans to go back again next week and I’m really looking forward to it, if the other items on the menu are as good as what we tried this might as well become one of our regular weekend brunch spots.

269 Coventry Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205

03 9682 8820
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