Eclair – a little piece of France in Hampton

I’m lucky enough to work right across the road from Eclair, the little French cafe on Hampton Street, which meant that I can’t even count the number of times I have had lunch here. Followed by a coffee and if I’m really spoiling myself even a pastry! 

Today I had a craving for their absolutely spectacular tuna baguette. If you now think “ah, a tuna baguette, nothing special about that” then you obviously haven’t tried this one.
Out on a wooden board comes the fresh baguette (baked on the bay), filled with a mixture of tuna, mayonnaise, dill and my guess capers, as well as some lettuce and boiled, sliced eggs. 

I can tell you, this is the best tuna spread I have ever eaten and my mum makes a pretty mean one too! 
Today was one of those days where I thought I deserve to spoil myself a little and ordered a Palmier with my soy latte. The palmier was crispy and buttery and flakey and absolutely delicious! 
I’ve always been a big fan of palmiers or “Schweineohren” (=pig’s ears) as we call them in Germany. You can sometimes get them half-dipped in chocolate or with frosting or like the original, just plain with some sugar syrup brushed on top, which makes it nice and sweet and a little bit sticky. Apart from the dull Melbourne winter day outside it felt like I was in France again and enjoying one of my favourite pastries. 
The staff at Eclair are always super nice, partly French and the service (at least during the week, I have never been during a weekend) is quick.
275 Hampton St
Hampton VIC 3188
03 9598 8939
Open 7 days 7am – 4pm
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